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Information Centres
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Each of the traditional rest camps offer visitors a chance to learn more about the park and its inhabitants at their respective information centers.
Nossob Rest Camp has a beautiful Predator Centre with pictures and fact files on all the predators that occur in the park. The Predator Centre is in the Nossob reception building.
Mata-Mata Rest Camp has an exhibition of the common creatures you will find in the park, as well as a display of the owls that occur in the area. This display is next to the Mata-Mata reception.
Twee Rivieren Camp’s Information centre teaches much about the history, geography and vegetation of the region. The Photographic Gallery adjoined to the Info Centre displays many beautiful images of wildlife in the park donated by well-known photographers. Photographic shows and videos are shown at the Twee Rivieren Info Centre when staffs are available.

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